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What is iMT Car?

iMT Car is a new type of car that uses advanced technology to provide a safer and more comfortable driving experience. The car is equipped with an intelligent navigation system that can automatically find the best route to your destination, as well as avoid traffic jams & accidents. In addition, the car is also equipped with a variety of sensors that can detect potential hazards on the road and provide warnings to the driver.

Importance of Intelligent Manual Transmission

As we all know a clutch is a necessary accessory fitted in the car. However, an IMT car is designed with the intelligent manual transmission. An intelligent manual transmission is abbreviated in AMT which is surely a gearbox at its core but it is interestingly a clutch less manual and thus is also available for auto clutch system where you do not have to press or worry about the clutches, a computer will take the entirety of its control.

The computer of an IMT car gets all the sensory inputs from the sensors which engage in supervising the monitor speed, brakes, gear engagements and etcetera. The auto clutch system of intelligent manual transmission cars is effectively controlled and supervised or monitored by high quality computer systems with the help of the Clutch Actuator Unit enabling effective results.

IMT cars, due to its auto clutch system reduces the tears and ruptures of the clutch pads which rapidly increases the engine life and hence results in reducing the maintenance cost in a havoc manner.

Along with these, auto clutch system helps you to reduce excessive stress and anxiety while driving, effectively eliminates the knee and back pains resulted from driving. Researchers have also claimed auto clutch systems to be safer, fuel efficient and budget friendly.

Thus, we at Automate India have pledged to create efficient IMT cars to make your lifestyle easier. We have successfully dealt with a range of customers with heart-warming reviews, we aim to continue our work.

Advantages of using an iMT

There are plenty of advantages to using an iMT in your business. Here are just a few examples:

An iMT can help you to streamline your processes and make your business more efficient. This can lead to increased productivity and improved bottom line results.

An iMT can help you to provide a better customer experience. This can lead to improved customer satisfaction levels and increased repeat business.

An iMT can give you the ability to be more flexible in how you operate your business. This can lead to increased profitability and growth.

An iMT can help you to reduce your costs. This can lead to increased profitability and growth.

An iMT can help you to improve your competitiveness. This can lead to increased market share and improved bottom line results.