AUTO-mate’s Electric power assisted steering (EPS) or motor driven power steering (MDPS) uses an electric motor to assist the driver. Sensors detect the position and torque of the steering column, and a computer module applies assistive torque via the motor, which connects to either the steering gear or steering column. This allows varying amounts of assistance to be applied depending on driving conditions.

Advantages of AUTO-EPS:

  • Electric systems have an advantage in fuel efficiency because there is no belt-driven hydraulic pump constantly running, whether assistance is required or not, and this is a major reason for their introduction.
  • Another major advantage is the elimination of a belt-driven engine accessory, and several high-pressure hydraulic hoses between the hydraulic pump, mounted on the engine, and the steering gear, mounted on the chassis.
  • By incorporating electronic stability control electric power steering systems can instantly vary torque assist levels to aid the driver in corrective maneuvers.

All recent new generation cars are fitted with a Power Steering. However, the hydraulic Power Steering consumes power from the engine. Earlier car models like Mahindra – Jeeps, Maruti – Esteem, 800, Gypsy, Tata – Indica and many old models do not come assisted with an Electronic Power Steering. At AUTO-mate we have developed EPS for all cars which don’t have a power steering. AUTO-mate’s EPS does not consume engine power giving you better mileage and performance.