Hand Control Car Kit (HCCK) – special kits for the differently abled

ARAI Approved

At AUTO-mate we provide complete solutions for car conversion for the differently enabled. We offer automotive electrical car conversion products which enable the person to drive a car with only hands or using only one limb. Hand controls are an essential for a handicapped person and with hand controls it becomes easier to control the car as well as encourages faster response times. AUTO-mate car hand controls are suitable for almost any make and model car on the road today.

Options in AUTO-mate HCC Kits:

Different AUTO-mate options available for handicapped and the differently abled are:

  • Hand Operated Brake & Accelerator
  • Hand Operated Clutch
  • Fitting Automatic clutch for any vehicle

The HCC Kits are customised and made to specifications for each user. All fittings are done by experienced and trained AUTO-mate technicians.