• Dump That Clutch PedalAuto-Clutch is an accessory which when fitted on a manual transmission car, makes the use of clutch pedal redunant. It is a parallel system to the existing clutch mechanism & as such no modification is made to the original design. The system has the flexibility of being switched ON or OFF while the car is in motion and at the same time, the original clutch can be used without any interference in the operation of the Auto-clutch. The button on the gear-shift knob Is to be pressed only to change the gears. There is no need of pressing any button or clutch while coming to a standstill in any gear. A computer controls the Auto-clutch. This computer gets all the inputs from sensors which monitor speed, brake or forward or backward gear engagement. The sensors of course also monitor if the AUTO-Clutch has been activated.The computer analyses all these inputs and then operates the clutch with the help of the Clutch Actuator unit. Due to the computer control of the clutch, the wear and tear of the clutch pads is reduced hence increasing the engine life and reducing the maintenance costs. There is also a significant increase in the fuel efficiency of the vehicle in the city.AUTO-Clutch Benefits:Reduces driving stressEliminates knee and back pain associated with drivingAUTO-Clutch is actually more safe – it removes the human factor in clutch release since it is automatedCost benefits over time of an automated clutch can pay off the cost of AUTO-Clutch- petrol cost savings- wear and tear of the clutch assembly

Comparision between AUTO-Clutch and Automatic

AUTO-Clutch Automatic
:: Reasonable Priced :: High Priced
:: No modification of the Vehicle :: Modified Gear Box
:: Negligible Maintenance costs :: High Maintenance costs
:: Better fuel efficiency :: Fuel efficiency reduced
:: Interchangeable between Manual and Auto-clutch :: Fixed System
:: Can be installed in any vehicle :: Available only in select models of vehicles
:: Removable from one vehicle to another :: Inherent system of vehicle
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